If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Just wanted to let you know my daughter and I had a wonderful experience yesterday at your office. Each person we encountered was very nice and reassuring. She was very nervous and reluctant to go to the appointment. Once she got there, everyone put her at ease and she was able to relax. Thank you! We appreciate the customer service!" --J

“I really like how not only Dr. Pinamonti explained the treatments but that her assistants also explained and answered all my questions! Everyone is extremely informed and knows how to translate that information to their patients. I was extremely impressed. You folks are doing amazing work! Looking forward to working with you in the future.” — B.

“Our experience was amazing! The time taken to explain everything in detail was comparable to no one. Not only did Dr. Gina give amazing attention to my daughter (the patient) but she also spent time engaging my son 3 years older as well. Thank you!” — J. K.’s mom

“Dr. Pinamonti does amazing work. She improves smiles and improves the facial structure, not just teeth. I will recommend her highly.” — TB

“Doctor is so good at what she does! She is knowledgeable and thorough, and we are fortunate to have someone with her skills in our small town.” — TB

“If you’re looking for a good orthodontist, check out Gina Pinamonti. As most of you know, we have started ortho work on my son, and Gina and her staff are amazing. Takes time to explain everything to you and what all will take place. He is so comfortable that he does not even care that I am not back there with him, and well, that is saying a lot right there.” — Amy

“Everyone was so friendly and attentive. Dr. Pinamonti seems very skilled and well trained to treat my daughter. She answered all of my questions and put me at ease with her treatment plan.”

“The friendliness of the staff and how well they answered questions in terminology I could understand. They were nice and caring, plus they were very clean.”

“Loved the office atmosphere. Everyone was so friendly and energetic! Dr. Gina explained treatment options in a manner we could all understand. Very excited to get treatment underway.”

“The time that Cheyenne and Dr. Pinamonti took with us. It was very informative and much appreciated. Thank you!!! The pictures of her teeth were excellent too, so that we could get a good visual while Dr. Pinamonti explained things.”

“Dr. Pinamonti spent several minutes with our family discussing options. She didn’t seem like she was in a hurry.”

“Dynamite office all around!!!”

“She listens to everyone involved, including the children.”

“Very patient with my son and did an excellent job in making him feel comfortable and with helping him better understand what to expect.”

“How she spends time talking to patients and not just parents!!!

(5 stars) Exceptional Orthodontist & Staff!!!
“My son has problems with anxiety, and we were worried going in. Dr. Gina and her staff put him at ease immediately and explained things to him in a way that an eight-year-old could understand. He has some other issues that need to be corrected before he can get his braces, but as soon as those are taken care of, we will schedule our next appointment. After meeting Dr. Gina and her staff, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.” — Keegan

Five stars from a first-time patient!
“Last week we had our first visit with Dr. Pinamonti. We were amazed with the service we received. After the consultation, my daughter received treatment that same afternoon! Everything was explained very well and I even learned a lot about my daughter’s treatment needs! Very nice! Thank you!” — Jensen N.

Not a single regret
“In our experience, which included two sets of braces on two children at a different orthodontist, Gina and her staff were thorough, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. We were not whisked in and out, nor treated like just another patient in a line-up for the day. She gave us her complete attention, and did not make us feel as if we were inconveniencing her if we had further questions. Some professionals leave you feeling that way. Not here!” — Mariah B.

Very satisfied!
“Cost was exactly what I had researched/expected. Dr. Pinamonti was great with my daughter and myself as a parent. The staff explained every step for my daughter.” — Kylie

Wonderful service!
“We always enjoy our appointments, we never wait after check-in, and everyone spends quality time to explain all aspects of the visit and treatments. What a wonderful experience!” — Grace H.

Customer Service!
“The staff is ALWAYS pleasant and presentable when we are there. They explain treatment thoroughly and are helpful to answer questions. We do not mind the 30-minute drive for excellent care and customer service. Dr. Gina and her staff will ALWAYS have our business and referrals. Thanks for the great service!” — Miles B.

Fabulous Staff!!
“Dr. Pinamonti’s staff is FaBuLoUs~along with herself!! Always friendly and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone. My daughter was the first to get braces and now I do. My son will be next in line and I am looking forward to seeing what she can do for him. :)” — Haley

“Everyone is always great. From the time I walk in to the time I leave. I actually look forward to my appointments. :)”

I love you guys!
“Pinamonti Orthodontics has been one of the best medical experiences in my life. The staff is exceedingly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in all areas, and Dr. Gina is the best! I am extremely pleased with the results achieved with my braces, and I cannot imagine a better group with which to work. I will certainly highly recommend this office to any friends and family needing orthodontic work. Thanks, and best wishes to you all.” — Rack

“You guys are so good to my kids and informative to me.”

Two down and one to go!
“All three of our kids have gone to Dr. Pinamonti’s office for braces. All but one has finished with braces. It was very important to my husband and me that our kids have nice teeth. Thanks to Gina and her wonderful staff, my kids have nice teeth and beautiful smiles!” — Adam R.

“The energy! The quality of work.”

“Everyone is very friendly and keeps you up to date.”

Pleasant and Professional
“The office atmosphere at Pinamonti Orthodontics is comfortable, pleasant, and highly professional. From the moment that you walk in, you are aware that steps have been taken to ensure that your child has outstanding care. Comfortable seating, wireless available, and a staff that makes eye contact and talks to you professionally. Amazing service.” — Aiden

Exceptional Orthodontist
“After checking out various orthodontists in the regional area, a friend referred my daughter to Dr. Pinamonti. Doctor and her team are very knowledgeable, friendly, and explain everything from financial arrangements to the reason Caitlin’s teeth are out of line, to follow-up care after retainers. I would highly recommend her team to anyone!” — Caitlin B.

“We have been a patient of Dr. Gina’s for eight years and she and her staff have been the greatest. She gave our daughter a new smile and so much self-confidence. Thank you from our family.” — Carol

“Thank you to Dr. Pinamonti and staff! You all are always friendly and helpful. Lizzy and Jenn’s teeth are beautiful. We have been going to you for over five years and will miss seeing you all.” — Paula

“Every time I went into the office they were so nice to me. I was so glad they got my teeth to look as good as they do now.” — Lizzy

“Checked several orthodontists before bringing my daughters here. Caring staff and wonderful service. Couldn’t find better.” — Steve

“Very pleased with Dr. Pinamonti’s work on our children. They all have great smiles and more confident smiles.” — Mark and Marta