December 2017 Employee Spotlight

Cheyenne Hunziker - December 2017 Employee Spotlight

Cheyenne Hunziker has been an Orthodontic Assistant at Pinamonti Orthodontics for 4  years. Her favorite part of working at the office is working with our patients. She enjoys getting to know them and looks forward to seeing them each time that they visit. She also loves working with our Smile Out Loud team because we work through problems together, and we all like to learn new things to help our patients.

Outside of the office, Cheyenne likes to spend time with her son, Jonah, her daughter, Roary, and her husband, Jonathan. They have two dogs named Nymeria and Sookie, a cat named Neko, and a hedgehog named Needle. She also likes to read, watch scary movies, bake, and crochet. A fun fact about Cheyenne is that she taught herself how to crochet.

When asked what her favorite memory while working at Pinamonti Orthodontic is, she said: “My favorite memory centers on a certain patient.  This patient started treatment with more than normal misalignment and did not want to smile because of it.  She was quiet and was very introverted.  Her parents were concerned, not just with her bite and her appearance, but how her lack of confidence was affecting her at school.  Dr. Pinamonti outlined a plan at our first meeting.  Photos were taken at that first meeting, and Dr. Pinamonti discussed the photos with the patient and her family.  With a plan in place we started treatment and within a few visits, the patient was starting to smile when she came into the office.  She started offering little things about herself, like her pets, her favorite school subjects, and also some (new) friends.  Recently, this patient had her braces removed and was fitted with her custom retainers.  On the day we remove braces we updated her photos and reviewed the before and after images with the patient and her family.  I barely recognized the girl in the “before” photos.  Before treatment, she had a shy, nervous smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.  The “after” photos showed a confident, happy girl that matched the personality that was hiding before treatment. I felt so honored to help this girl find her smile, and every day I try to match that with the patients I get to see."